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J644/F273 Palm size 5" Third Eye Chakra 'A' Healing Tibetan Singing Bowl Handmade in Nepal

J644/F273 Palm size 5" Third Eye Chakra 'A' Healing Tibetan Singing Bowl Handmade in Nepal
J644/F273 Palm size 5" Third Eye Chakra 'A' Healing Tibetan Singing Bowl Handmade in Nepal
Brand: bowlsofnepal
Product Code: J644
Availability: 10
Price: $53.49
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Tibetan Singing Bowls

*Stunning palm size bowl
*Superb vibrating sound quality that will heal your chakra

*Gorgeous finishing
*Super beautiful patina, hammered mark on bowl
*These bowl sings very easily with rich harmonic soothing
  sound that heal your chakras ,
*Energetic and vibrating sounds to stress free relaxation
*Easy to use for your day to day meditation, chakra healing
*Absolutely crafted by human hand.

Chakra Notes:  Third Eye Chakra 'A'

Click here to listen sound of this bowl

Size:  approx. 5" wide and 2.75" deep

Weight: approx. 1.1 lb

Stock # J644/F273

Retail Value: $99 each

1 Free wooden strikers and 1 Ring cushion (valued $19.98) are included with the bowls.(ring cushion color may vary as available in stock)

Crafted by experience and traditional artisans of Nepal, this beautiful singing bowl produce a wonderful singing and rimming sounds for meditation and healing. A hand hammered bowl with rich harmonic soothing sounds, beautiful patina, tones and vibration it produce harmonized energetic sound and vibration & help to be calm and stress free relaxing. A great item for meditation and yoga. Relax yourself and concentrate your mind on sound of the bowl, put the bowl in your end palm or on the cushion, if you are using for meditation try to keep it parallel to your heart, close your eyes, concentrate on upcoming sound, rub the rim(outside) of the bowl by a wooden striker, keep closing your eyes, concentrate on what you are hearing...a great HUM sound coming out from the bowl, the more you rub, the more vibration of sounds you will feel and hear, feel yourself relaxed and stress free. Or you can simply hit the bowl by wooden striker and listen the vibrating sound from the bowl which last for several minutes. This is how the Tibetans does in their day to day ceremonial life healing themselves.  Singing bowl for meditation and healing: Singing bowls are one of the most powerful methods for meditation & healing on spiritual, emotional, and physical levels. Vibration from bowls activate and balance your chakra, it will re-tune us to our own natural and healing vibration and help to dissolve energetic blockages, allowing us to return to balance. Sound coming out from the bowls will relax the body and mind and its sound frequencies stimulate the Chakras. Playing singing bowl with focused and positive thought bring more powerful results.

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