Handmade Pashmina

"Original Pashmina "

Buy with confidence for our original hand made Pashmina/silk products brought to you directly from one of the best pashmina manufacturing country "Nepal". All our pashmina/silk products are made with "A" grade premium quality pashmina yarn & high quality lustrous silk on single ply in a hand loom using traditional weaving method by experience artisans. 

A fabulous fashionable accessory to the present days society.  The pashmina wrap is now regarded as an essential component of the modern woman’s wardrobe. Get it now, buy only genuine pashmina.


A perfect gift item for all seasons.

What is Pashmina??

A Rare High Himalayan Wool Pashmina is more or less the same wool to that of cashmere. But it is of very rare grade and far more delicate and lighter than common cashmere. It comes from the wool of high Himalayan goat (Chyangra) bred in an altitude between three to four thousand meters from the sea level. A cashmere of 16 microns is almost impossible to find whereas the pashmina is between of 14-16 microns. Having exotically silky texture, weightless, lightness, the pashmina is super warmth. Pashmina has a status from 95% to 30% purity. It is made with an extremely complicated technique to extricate pure Pashm (cashmere) from the beds of the coarser dead fibers into which the real fiber is deeply embedded. Uncles fibers are cleaned up to 98% purity before hand spinning, the unique texture of pashmina does not develop. Nepal has had an experience of hand woven pashmina for more than two centuries and it was almost in a state if extinction. The reemergence of pashmina as craft having a potentially of attracting international market took place only few years back and its export is increasing tremendously faster and occupying importance in international market.

"Dry Clean" only, a proper care for your Pashmina last for many years, decor your wardrobe selecting high value Pashmina products from us.

Pashmina Care:

Once you have invested in a pashmina you would want to take good care of it. With regular proper care, your pashmina will retain its look, feel softer and last for years. The conventional wisdom is that, if necessary, they should be dry-cleaned. Based on our experience, you may lightly hand wash your pashmina in lukewarm to cool water using a good, natural shampoo (low to normal pH), not Woolite. During the dyeing process, all items are kept in water for between 30 to 60 minutes at a temperature just below boiling, and are washed twice more, so do not fear washing cashmere in water. We strongly recommend not to add any chemicals, like bleach. After thorough rinsing, remove the excess water by shaking it inside a ziplock plastic bag, remove and blot on a thick towel then lay out on a flat surface indoor or a shaded area outdoors. When dried, place on a table and press in moderate heat if desired.

Beware of imitation,avoid viscose,synthetic products selling as "Pashmina"